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Chee Yuen Surface Treatment (Hui Zhou).Ltd. Add:Building 404, Longxi Electroplating Base, Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province China.





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Chee Yuen Surface Treatment (Hui Zhou).Ltd.(Cheefat Metal Products & Plastic Plating Co,Ltd )is a professional manufacturer for worldwide automotive plastic plating and painting parts.Chee Yuen is equipped with assorted precise mould manufacturing plant, injection molding plant and two plating and paintiing plants.Chee Yuen has been professionally providing the customers with one-stop prod-uct solutions,including mould manufacturing, injection molding, plastic plating, surface coating and printing,and product assembly.

Chee Yuen Metal Product &Plastic Plating Co, Ltd was founded in 1990, headquartered in HongKong, and its production factory is centered in Huizhou, Guangdong Province of China, covering 50,000 m² with more than 1,800 employees,and having an annual turnover of $ 80 million.Nowadays,Cheefat is providing automotives plastic plating and painting parts to customers such as Benz,BMW,Olkswagen,Ferrari,Renault,Citroen,GM,Ford,Chrysler,Nissan,Honda,Toyota and other well-known international companies.

Chee Yuen has up-to-date facilities and production equipments,including 4 full-automatic plastic plating productionlines,2 dust-free painting production lines and other assorted equipments for post-plating treatments ,such as brushing machines, printing machines,laser engraving machines and ultrasonic welding machines,etc.

Chee Yuen has a group of high and middle level administrative staff,professional technicians and a strong workforce.Chee Yuen’s products are of great and reliable quality with reasonable price.Chee Yuen has been enjoying a good reputation among the industry and the customers because of the reliable part quality,reasonable price,prompt delivery and great after-sale service.

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